Do you want an Entrepreneurial Nonprofit?
What is keeping you from meeting your income and program goals?
Are you seeing grantors tired of funding you?

Are you seeing a decline in revenue?

Are you tired of using grants to fund bits and pieces of the work and it's never enough?

Do you want to earn revenue but are not sure how?

Are you tired of losing your fundraising staff every 18 months? (Fundraising staff AND donors?)

We see nonprofit leaders with these problems:

Old fundraising techniques are yielding poorer results
It's because we operate in an environment of extreme uncertainty. We need to try new things, but we're not sure what is safe to try. We want to dip our toes in the water but are afraid of going out too far and drowning in a bad plan or losing money instead of making it.

Your people don't want to fundraise
We are drawn to nonprofit work and it means sometimes we are uncomfortable with money. This is why staff don't give to your nonprofit, or board members don't want to fundraise. They see it as being pushy and disrupting people. We can help your team move through that discomfort and shift it into an entrepreneurial mindset.

You have a missing piece
What is the missing piece? We have overarching goals, and we have tasks, but what's in the middle is projects. This means we don't look at project milestones so we never feel like we're done. That can lead to burnout and turnover and decreased efficiency and effectiveness.

Frustrated because your fundraising isn't going fast enough?
Often we are pulled in so many directions we cannot delegate effectively. We help you figure out what your true metrics are and get clear with your direct reports to achieve explosive fundraising results!

It's a murder suicide when you martyr yourself for your cause. You're dying but you're also taking your org down with you.

It doesn't have to be this way!

We can help!

Imagine instead...

  • More free time and less stress because you know the right things to focus on.
  • Having all of the revenue you need for operating expenses
  • Never again having to put off payday or stop paying yourself
  • Having 6 months of operating expenses in the bank in case of emergencies
  • Putting great earned income ideas into action without dumping a bunch of money into it
  • Keep retaining your best and brightest staff to grow with the organization and keep your donors
  • Find new people to support your organization through deploying more effective fundraising.
  • Everyone (including your board) can be a passionate advocate for your nonprofit in the community.
  • Know the results your programs actually get and
  • Let go of programs that are no longer serving your purpose.

If this all sounds like fun to you, let's talk! BOOK A CALL BELOW!

We are trusted by:
This is not your average staff retreat or strategic planning black hole.

Have you ever been frustrated with a retreat that seemed pointless? You know what you do, and they give you an idea of where the organization could go, but then...

There's no implementation, and then you go back to work and nothing changes.

Guess what. 

There is a better way.

We've been there too, and we're as sick of business as usual as you are. 

That's why we created the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit! 

Sarai Johnson worked as an Deputy Director at a community development corporation. Mazarine Treyz worked as a Development Director for a number of small nonprofits. Together we've raised millions for nonprofits. 

Now that we're consultants, we can stand outside and see the bigger issues that escape people inside. 

Here's what we've found. The reason why most strategic plans don't get used is because nonprofits operate in environments of extreme uncertainty. 

We believe that nonprofits can be way more effective and WAY more fun if we think like entrepreneurs. What does that mean?

Nonprofit leaders need to continuously adapt to new realities. What worked yesterday isn't going to work today. And what works for one nonprofit may not work for another. 

We believe that implementation IN the retreat is a good idea. Why?

In the average retreat, we toss around a lot of ideas but decisions don't get made.

How do more ideas get us further down the road when we already have too much on our plates? 
It's so easy to go back to your desk and just have your retreat notes slide to the bottom of the pile. 

As your personal mentors and cheerleading team, we don't just love making plans with you. We love seeing you and your team implement a plan and have success. 

Let's get you started on the work you need to do, right away. 

Who should work with us?
 If you're getting ready to expand your nonprofit and need support, we've got your back and you should book a call now!

    If you're a top level nonprofit professional who wants to diversify revenue streams, you should really book a call.

 If you're want to learn how to get earned income, you should have a call with us.

 If you are ready to build systems and culture to achieve rapid growth, you should definitely book a call.
What's our track record?
Read what clients have said below.

Working with Mazarine has transformed our 20 year old nonprofit. We have started to consistently hit our income goals with monthly giving, year end appeals, and online campaigns, and our nonprofit income is now well over the 7 figure mark.

-Jay Goldinger, Founder, Food on Foot, Los Angeles, CA

Our nonprofit started to grow by leaps and bounds, thanks to our consulting with Mazarine Treyz. For example, after we worked on our fundraising plan together, we sent out a survey without an ask and it brought in twice our goal for our year end appeal! Work with her! Your bank account will thank you!

-Brynn Evans, former Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Lamoille County, VT

Are you ready to grow beyond what you ever thought possible?

If you are, here's how we like to work with people.

We can start with a staff retreat and then consider two options that might work for you. 

Staff Retreat

2-3 days of an on-site retreat: We create a customized training for your staff including a audit of what you're currently doing, and how to improve your processes.

We build a strategic playbook at that retreat, to allow people to focus on the most important things and let the urgent but unimportant things go. 

Joyful implementation: Then we implement the new ideas right there. This allows staff to get a jumpstart on the work, and go back refreshed and motivated. 

If you want something more hands on, we got your back!

DIY Coaching 

Deep Dive into Your Programs: For 12 months, we coach your team to achieve rapid growth for your nonprofit while supporting a healthy workplace culture.

Rapid Income Growth: We help you measure the right things, learn how to manage your fundraising and earned income programs more effectively, partner for better effectiveness (and bigger grants)

Comprehensive Training + Support: We use our 30 years of combined experience in nonprofits and in consulting to bring you the best training, and support you need to keep your staff on track and get the results you want.  

DONE FOR YOU implementation.

With Done For You, what do you get? 

All of the above AND

A Shortcut to Success: You get to jumpstart your diversification and growth.

Choose the best revenue streams right away so you get more money in the door sooner.
Not waste time with unproductive avenues.
Incubate strategies that take longer to pay off while you also pursue short term payoffs, such as longer term grants combined with quicker sponsorships while you build your donor program. 
Dedicated Mentorship for you and a fundraising staff member  
One year of two top professionals who know exactly how to grow earned income and create higher fundraising results, over goal. 

When you have an entrepreneurial nonprofit, magic can happen. New partnerships spring up overnight, new ways to earn money seem almost effortless, and your marketing will become more focused and urgent for your donors to give. 

Ready to get started?
Book a call now.



Sarai Johnson, CEO, Lean NonprofitAuthor, Strategic Planning That Actually Works,

Sarai Johnson is the CEO of Lean Nonprofit, LLC, where she helps nonprofits bring in more money (and waste less of it) to allow organizations to get huge mission results without burning out, selling out, or running out of money. Sarai cut her business teeth in a variety of management and executive roles - first in the coffee industry and later in nonprofits. In nonprofits, she learned how to leverage grants as venture capital so her organization could design, launch, sell, and replicate revenue generating programs, a methodology she has implemented with many other nonprofit clients since launching Lean Nonprofit in 2014.

She is an expert in Lean Startup methodology as it dovetails with nonprofit program development and operations, holds a Master of Public Administration and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon, is a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, Certified GrowthWheel® Business Advisor, and an Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner.

Sarai will help you integrate earned revenue and charitable revenue sources into your funding mix while you build a culture of entrepreneurialism and philanthropy - and you'll have fun doing it.

Mazarine Treyz, CEO, Wild Woman Fundraising Author, The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising and other books

Treyz is a nationally-recognized strategist for fundraising planning and communications. Creator of over 12 e-courses, 3 masterclasses and 3 books, she has coached and taught over 15,000 nonprofit professionals how to be better fundraisers since 2010, raising millions more.

Partners and clients include: AFP International, US Olympic Committee, Meals on Wheels National, GuideStar, VolunteerMatch, NetworkforGood, Association of Donor Relations Professionals,, Bloomerang, Blackbaud and many others.

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